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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Resolution
#25 zimske gume enhancement blocker undertaker-1.0 invalid
#29 imported experiments get the wrong base_directory Christian Dietrich defect blocker fixed
#30 undertaker-master experiment tartler defect blocker undertaker-1.5 fixed
#19 Correct detection of kconfig deads in non main-architectures defect critical undertaker-1.1 fixed
#2 Repair KconfigIntersect sincero task major fixed
#3 update kconfig files tartler enhancement major fixed
#5 extend parser to understand stuff like '=n' Christian Dietrich defect major fixed
#10 restore whitelist functionality tartler enhancement major fixed
#11 Consider "required" choices defect major undertaker-1.0 fixed
#12 Restructure CodeSatStream analyzeBlock Christian Dietrich enhancement major fixed
#14 integrate satconfig sirahack task major undertaker-1.2 fixed
#16 dumprsf extracts broken dependencies defect major undertaker-1.1 fixed
#17 should detect available architectures itself siccegge enhancement major undertaker-1.0 fixed
#18 model format, always on flags defect major undertaker-1.0 fixed
#20 Search path for helper tools under lib/ defect major undertaker-1.1 fixed
#21 Fix getLine() in CloudContainer.h defect major undertaker-1.2 fixed
#22 Sanitize Zizler enhancement major undertaker-later wontfix
#28 something broke vamos-linux-models-daily Christian Dietrich defect major undertaker-1.5 fixed
#32 anonymous cloning does not work tartler defect major undertaker-1.5 fixed
#1 write and install start script for bitten-slave tartler task minor fixed
#4 Fix Pretty Printer Christian Dietrich enhancement minor fixed
#6 send email notifications for new tickets, ticket comments, etc. Christian Dietrich task minor fixed
#7 announce new builds, commits and tickets in #vamos task minor undertaker-1.1 fixed
#8 Publish libziz task minor undertaker-1.0 fixed
#9 undertaker should remove potential dead files itself tartler enhancement minor undertaker-later fixed
#13 Move Whitelisting to SatChecker defect minor fixed
#15 integrate herodotos configs and daily runs hu00duxi task minor undertaker-later wontfix
#23 make undertaker --help output parsable by help2man siccegge enhancement minor undertaker-1.2 fixed
#24 parallelize testcases enhancement minor undertaker-1.2 fixed
#31 code review 1803 tartler task minor undertaker-1.5 fixed
#33 create a saucy chroot tartler enhancement minor undertaker-1.5 wontfix
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